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Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights Video Series

Protecting your work is an important part of creation, so knowing when you use a patent, trademark or copyright is one of the first things you should study. Many entrepreneurs assume they need a patent and spend a lot of money on attorneys to draft and submit it.  They then wait a couple of years to hear back from the patent office, however, that may not be the case. I know how it goes because I have applied for 2 patents and...

Building an Audience 1 person at a time

We hear 3 very common problems from startups in our community:  they're not getting enough followers, not getting enough engagement from followers and they don't have enough clients.  So how do you build an audience? These are all related to building a loyal audience and cultivating the audience by engaging with them one-on-one.  Or in sales speak - a pipeline. Everyone wants to have the fan base or audience of Taylor Swift, but few are willing to engage with their audience the...

Do this first when starting a company

Finding out if anyone wants your product or services is the first thing you should do when starting a company.  Don't make business cards or hats or t-shirts with your logo on it.  Don't pay a designer to make a logo for you. Discover if there is demand for your product or service. Find out if anyone will pay for your idea FIRST. Watch or listen to this episode to find out how. Timestamp 0:00 - Where to start building a company? 1:10 - My...

Don’t Understand SEO? You’ll Pay Out The Nose For It If You Don’t [SEO ROI Infographic]

 Hiring freelancers is a great way to grow your company inexpensively, but it can be tricky hiring a freelancer to do something you don't know how to do yourself.  You may not have the time or desire to learn it for yourself and that may be the reason you want to hire them.While you don’t necessarily need to be able to implement every single aspect of everything you hire people to do, you should understand the main components of every service that...

36 : Motivating Your Team to Get the Best Results

Motivating yourself and motivating your team are both vital, yet tricky in a startup. To get the most out of yourself and your team, you've got to recognize what motivates people and tailor your management style accordingly. Timeline: 0:00 - Motivating your team 0:30 - Everyone is motivated in a different way 1:10 - What motivates 2:20 - Working for yourself vs. managing a team 3:40 - Team motivation 4:50 - Individual responsibility and getting buy in Watch the full video below: More content you may like: ...

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