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What to do when the stock market plunges


Fear and greed drive the stock market. Or as famed investor Benjamin Graham noted, in the short-term the market is a voting machine, but in the long-term, it’s a weighing machine. The past week most of the votes were to sell, which caused the market to tank by about 12% from their all-time highs just days before! It was the largest drop since 2008; giving up all the recent market gains from...

Make your spouse rich when you die


What would happen to your family if you died? Especially if you’re the primary earner. I know a family where the father died and the mother, who had been a stay at home mom since her kids were born, was left nearly destitute. She had no job, no education and little work experience, since she had been home raising kids for the past 15 years. She didn’t have a lot of options. The sad...

How much money is enough to be happy?


Over the years as I’ve built companies and have seen my income fluctuate, one question comes up continually: How much money is enough to be happy? What are we working toward? Should we always be hustling at the expense of other parts of our lives so we can collect more stuff to put in our storage sheds? It comes down to answering the question: how much money is enough for what? Before we...

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