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What is the best diet for humans?

For some time I've tried to answer the question, "What is the best human diet?" When I say "diet," I'm not referring to a temporary way of eating that usually starts on Monday or January 1st and quickly fades by the next weekend when you're back to eating Oreos for breakfast. I'm talking about the other less popular definition, "The kinds of foods a person habitually eats." I searched to find the kinds of lifetime habits I needed to create in...

Trajan King

Hey hey. I'm Trajan. I'm a minimalist entrepreneur who loves exploring the world (42 countries), learning new things (7 languages) and trying to get better every day (working on my backsquat).

I write about entrepreneurship and building an optimized and happy life through systems, good habits and scientific research.

Join me and we'll discover how we can build businesses we can be proud of.

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