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5 Social Media Tips to Increase Traffic and Engagement for the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, people are going to get busy. Now, it is more important than ever not to lose sight of your goals to finish the year strong and start next year off on the right foot. To keep your social media efforts up through the madness, here are some suggestions to increase traffic and engagement during the holidays:   Write a Master List of Status Updates/Posts/Sharable Ideas Having a list of ideas or even partially written articles will be handy for times...

Facing the Music : Are You Being Honest About How You’re Really Doing?

Online we can collect so much data - customer data, website visit data, prospects, email, ecommerce, etc. Using data to find out where you are and then doing something about it  helps you improve by noticing trends that you may not have thought about. It's not easy taking an objective look at your company's performance, but data let's us do that. The numbers don't lie. We tend to focus most on what is working because it's easiest and makes us feel...

WATCH: Making your Instagram feed pop! How to Stand Out in a Crowded World

Want to make your Instagram feed pop? Bry Cox, international photographer, and Trajan discuss his tips for making pictures on Instagram look incredible. For starters, consider having a separate account for your business with professional photos or pictures that fit your brand and a personal account that you use for fun. While there may be some overlap, different types of pictures are appropriate for each account. How can you ensure you have a great photo? The litmus test for Bry's personal account is, "Do I like...

WATCH: How to find ideas for a product. It’s easier (and harder) than you think.

How to find great ideas for products and companies is something that comes up a lot in the Invincible Robots community.  Let's break it down in this video. Timestamp 0:20 - Start where you're dissatisfied. Find a problem to solve. Ask people where their pain points are. Make a list of all the pain points you encounter. 3:00 - Evaluation the assumptions you're making 3:30 - Build a minimum viable product solution 4:30 - Get feedback. Not getting any sales is feedback. 4:45 - Pivoting may...

WATCH: The secret to creating great work you can be proud of

How do you get started creating great work? Something you can be really proud of? It's easy to get intimidated by companies who are putting out amazing products. There are a lot of great companies that make incredible products or offer amazing services. Aspiring to be like them is admirable and gives us something to shoot for, but it can sometimes be daunting and demotivational. In the beginning we envision what it is we want to ultimately create, but it's a...

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