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This page is a list of some of my favorite and most useful resources, books, podcasts and materials.  These things have been very useful to me in building a business, a state of mind or opening new experiences.  I hope they’re useful to you as well.  If there’s anything that should be on this list, send me an email.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


I read about 30-40 books a year.  I began writing summaries as a refresher on the great things about that book and to remember the important facts. See the list.


These are some of the podcasts I find most useful, entertaining and educational:

  • Joe Rogan Experience
  • Business Wars
  • Isaac Arthur
  • Freakonomics

Language Resources

As I’ve traveled and lived around the world, I try to learn some of the language. I’ve learned 7 languages (to varying degrees).  I’ve found attending a local school is best, followed by online tutors and then resource websites.

Travel & Living Abroad

Paris – I’ve lived in Paris on and off for a total of about 3 years. It’s one of my favorite cities.  When friends travel there, they often ask me for a list of recommendations. Here’s my list!

Rome – I’ve lived in Rome twice for a couple of months each time and love to visit.  After all, I’m named after the most successful and beloved Roman Emperor of all time (Trajan).  Here’s my list for Rome.

Summaries of History

I love history, but there’s a lot to remember. To make it easier for me and you to remember the important facts of the past, I’m writing brief summaries of important events.
(coming soon)

Summaries of Science

If someone asked me how electricity works, I’d have a tough time explaining it. Imagine you were transported back in history 200 years. Would you be able to recreate or describe any of our modern inventions? For example, would you what filament is used in a light bulb? I’m writing short summaries to help understand and remember how things work around us.
(Coming soon)

Trajan King

Hey hey. I'm Trajan. I'm a minimalist entrepreneur who loves exploring the world (42 countries), learning new things (7 languages) and trying to get better every day (working on my backsquat).

I write about entrepreneurship and building an optimized and happy life through systems, good habits and scientific research.

Join me and we'll discover how we can build businesses we can be proud of.

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