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Building a business takes a lot of work.  Whether you’re running a startup, thinking about doing your own thing or climbing the corporate ladder, there are a lot of challenges.  The most successful people are the ones who are always learning.

This site is centered on searching for what makes us better people, both in business and in life. Below you’ll find a list of some of the most popular articles and videos, ranging from our most popular “Success Interview” with the former V.P. of Marketing of the Utah Jazz, to the reason Netflix Says Hard Work Is Irrelevant.

As a lifelong entrepreneur and wanna-be renaissance man, I’ve searched for ways to continually improve.  From setting goals and forming productive habits, to getting out of debt and eating the best diet.  It’s a lifelong journey where continual education and learning are fundamental. The science is constantly being updated so we’re always learning.

Like many people, I’m interested in learning how I can live a more fulfilled life and be a more productive and efficient person. In many of the articles and videos I summarize what I’ve learned as either an introduction to a topic or a deep dive, often in a series of researched, data-supported articles that explore a subject. Occasionally, I have some smart, successful people join me so we can all learn from their experiences.

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Trajan King

Hey hey. I'm Trajan. I'm a minimalist entrepreneur who loves exploring the world (42 countries), learning new things (7 languages) and trying to get better every day (working on my backsquat).

I write about entrepreneurship and building an optimized and happy life through systems, good habits and scientific research.

Join me and we'll discover how we can build businesses we can be proud of.

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